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Steps in Writing an Exploratory Essay

Beginners Guide To Composing An Exploratory Essay??

An Exploratory essay is an essay which provides a sense of exploration or investigation of any certain topic. This kind of essay invites the reader to also get involved into the subject and get true meaningful solution. There are countless intriguing topics which need a thorough discussion.

This essay is also known as Enquiry essay which revolves around when, how and why. The writer gives factual and in-depth, insights into the problem. In this essay, the writer only explains the subject to the readers without pitching in his own insights or perspectives.

Introduction Paragraph

This essay helps points out the reason and main causes of the issue and explores the ways to find its possible solutions.

Let’s suppose we have an exploratory essay topic to write on “Why More For Boys and Less for Girls”?? We usually look around in every society boys are given much privileges and importance in the family and girls are mostly ignored.

This is a male dominated society where men have all the powers and control. Many girls have to curb their feelings and ambitions for the sake of their parents as they would not allow them to choose their career or profession.

In this essay we have to find out the causes why a girl is considered inferior in some families and boy is given more confidence and preference over her. The solution is to make them understand the equal importance of both the genders.

Another example of exploratory essay writing is about “Impact of technology on next generation”. We are living in the technological era of 21st century.

Body Paragraph

In the central paragraph we find out the causes and reasons of the specific imperative or interrogative subject. This represents that component of the content which tells about the solid points or arguments.

The audience must be persuaded or agreed to the points of the writer and also must think about on the topic which is being discussed in the essay article. The body part of the exploratory essay covers the analysis of the issue with identification and summarization.

Ending Paragraph

The ending part describes the concise summary of the whole essay as it highlights the issue to the readers to provide easy possible ways of solution regarding the subject.

Sample Topics

How to eradicate poverty from the world?

How to make Education equal and accessible for all?

Does technology really impact the lives of us?

Why more for boys and less for girls?

Does girl’s education help in changing society?

How does rainfall happen?

Why do we eat food?

Why do crimes happen?

Is recycling a good way of making earth green?

How can we make our generation well qualified??