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Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph Essay ~ Your Key To Writing A Successful Position Paper!

Five-paragraph essay is common in assignment writing and often students use this structure for a position paper.

Writing a five paragraph essay is as easy as writing any other type of essay. It uses a standard format of essay with only exception of two additional body paragraphs. Most often, a five paragraph essay is used to pose a standpoint. You have to prove this standpoint using body paragraphs. However, there is a gradual flow between these paragraphs where the first includes the strongest point, second has the weakest while third poses the second strongest argument.

► First Paragraph: Introduction ~ Present Your Standpoint

The first paragraph will introduce your topic to the audience. This is your introductory paragraph where you will inform readers about background knowledge of your topic. Your introduction should immediately capture attention of reader with a surprising fact, anecdote or catchphrase.

► Body Paragraph#1 ~ Discuss Strongest Argument

In second paragraph, you will further explain the points stated in introductory paragraph. In this section, you will detail the relevant sub-points that will reinforce your argument. The first paragraph will discuss the strongest argument and then make a transition to the weakest one in next paragraph. Your first body paragraph should contain the following:

Introduction: This will open up the discussion and provide significance of argument in context of thesis.

Sub-Points: Your argument needs to be supplemented with supporting arguments.

Conclusion: Finally, you will wrap up your argument in last few lines and then make transition into the next argument.

► Body Paragraph#2 ~ Follow On From First Argument

As you would not want to leave your audience with a powerful point, your weakest argument should come in middle paragraph. Similar to the first body paragraph, you will start your argument with an introduction followed by sub-points and then a conclusion.

► Body Paragraph#3 ~ Unveil The Second Strongest Argument

The fourth paragraph will lead to the second strongest argument of discussion. Again, you will follow the same structure to that of paragraph one and two. Next, you will proceed to the discussion of final part, i.e. conclusion.

► Last Paragraph: Conclusion ~ Reach Climax of Your Discussion

This is the last and decisive part of a five paragraph essay. At this stage, you will finally tie up all your arguments and convey the last message to your readers. The conclusion of your discussion should summarize all your points and reach a logical deduction. Finally, you will finish off your discussion on a meaningful note.

Consider The Following Topics To Write A Standard Five Paragraph Essay:

  • Is ‘Human Rights Violation’ a Thing of Developing Countries or Is It a Universal Phenomenon?
  • What Role Should Detention Centers Serve, As a Prison Or Rehabilitator?
  • Time Travel: Fact and Myth
  • What Incentives Can Lure The Drug Addicts To Become Sober Again?
  • Is Technology Making Us Intelligent Or Stupid?
  • How Global Warming Works In A Cycle?
  • Terrorism Has No Boundaries. True or False?
  • Freedom Spoils Teenagers. Agree Or Disagree?
  • How influential is ‘Human Factor’ In Climate Change?
  • Is Social Media Corrupting Raw Minds Of Students?