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Expository Essay Writing Help

A comprehensive Guide on Expository Essay

An Expository Essay Writing provides a factual reason about the certain topic with clear and concise description. It gives a brief rationalization of any specific subject.

This kind of essay writing is generally given by teachers to high-school students for developing their critical thinking abilities. There are plenty of topics for writing an expository essay such as why reading is essential for children??

In the above topic a person can describe the advantages of reading with good and valid reasons.

“Reading is essential because it opens the mind and broadens the horizons. It is a reliable source of providing immense knowledge and information to all. Book reading saves a person from wasting time in other useless activities and makes his time valuable.”

Another topic idea may be “how to spend the winter vacations in a much meaningful way??”

Like every other essay, expository essay also consists of three main parts:

►Introductory Paragraph:
The Introductory paragraph of an expository essay provides a simple outline of the subject. It starts the topic with attention grabbing theme for the readers. It provides an initial introduction of the topic.

The expository essay body is composed of an idea of the subject, logical analysis and explanation with reasons. In this hot topic “how obesity can be controlled in 90 days”, the central paragraph will give true reasons and share positive tips with readers. Some useful tips that can be given on the topic:
*Regular Exercise
*Brisk walking
*Eating less
*Drinking more water
*Skipping red meat
*Quitting smoking
*Doing Physical activity
*Stay happy
*Avoid stress
*Proper sleep

Each point can be further discussed and elaborated with clear description.

The expository essay follows some essential points.
*Accumulating the core idea of the subject
*Analyzing the logical reasons to share with audience
*Assessing the whole topic clearly
*Examining the theme clearly.

In the conclusion, the writer gives a short summary of the essay providing the readers with good resourceful and thought-provoking food-for-thought.

Expository Essay Sample Topic Ideas:

  • Why the use of mobile is prohibited during driving??
  • Why young teens run away from houses??
  • What are the consequences of college ragging??
  • Why do obese people become a point of ridicule??
  • Why do book reading is not much in vogue today??
  • Why is Paris a favorite destination for travelers??
  • Why Las Vegas is so famous for in the world??
  • Explain your first travel experience of life??
  • Why 9 to 5 jobs are still considered good??
  • How the social media has influenced our lives??