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Argumentative Essay Writing Guide

Write An Intriguing Argumentative Essay By Following These 3 Simple Steps!

Argumentative essay is a type of essay that focuses on a popular argument that majority of people debate over. This form of essay writing keeps a balanced approach to tackle an argument and looks at it from all aspects. An argumentative essay aims to prove or disprove a point with evidence and facts. It takes into considerations various aspects of a subject before reaching to any conclusions.

Step#1: Come Up With a Debatable Thesis Statement

An argumentative essay starts with a thesis statement. It serves as a main argument that you put forward before your audience. For example, you can select the theme of national security and pose an argument that says “Is Public Surveillance Justified in Context of National Security?”Subsequently, you will gather enough information to make your arguments. Sift through the materials and compile your arguments in favor and against your theme. Acquire enough evidence to substantiate your argument.

Step#2: Draft Your Arguments

► Introduction
Build your arguments in first phase of writing. Open your discussion with a blast in introduction and then present your argument. Give a brief insight into the issues and pose your standpoint. Any surprising fact would be appreciated by your readers.

► Body
Crack the issue further in body part. Unlock the hidden aspects of the topic and then develop your arguments. Present a weak argument and then counter it with a stronger point.

For Example: “Security is the responsibility of government and therefore it has all the rights to access privacy of people.”

The above argument cites public surveillance as the most important factor to trace anti-state elements. This statement can be nullified with following counterargument:

“While mass surveillance constitutes a major part of security measures, it must not be implemented at the cost of privacy of people.”

Tidbit: Readers look forward to a spark in your argument. Therefore, you must make sure that your argument is a concoction of the following elements:

► Conclusion
Finally, you will close your discussion in conclusion. The concluding paragraph will compose the main reasons of your debate and present them in a summarized form. Your conclusion should go over main points of arguments and establish the reasons that make an argument stronger than other.

Step#3: Edit Your Final Draft

In the final phase, you will extract inappropriate points or elements from your final draft. Your arguments must be logically reduced to a meaningful conclusion. Make sure that tone and style of writing is uniform throughout and there is no grammar and spelling errors.

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