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6 Deathtraps to a great personal statement

There are many challenges await youngsters once they are done with their high school years but the first one they must succeed in is the personal statement essay. Personal statements are like job interview tests where you have to convince your recruiters in writing that you are worthy to join them in their institute. However, you must be extremely vigilant, cautious and aware of whatever you write because even the slightest blunder could put you off, as in keep you away from getting into college est essay.

Therefore it is really vital that you stay and keep a watchful eye out for these unruly flaws that will disable your chances at enrolling in a truly respectable and renowned college or university:

1. Writing over the limit
You need to observe the limits more cautiously as your interviewers cannot afford to spend so much time reading your personal statement like an autobiography. Know that there are several more students who wish to apply and are waiting in queue. It is for this reason that college recruiters have requested students to be brief in their writing and occupy only a single page in their personal statement. Therefore you have to try your best to be as concise but alluring as possible.

2. Grammatical butchering
Making spelling and grammatical mistakes is a common phenomenon that befalls so many students. If their readers cannot coherently decipher every word and letter that is written on the personal statements then it will not be worth the critique. Practice the calligraphy of your most preferred writing style and brush up on your vocabulary by reading novels, books and newspapers to make your personal statement enticing and enjoyable to read.

3. Uninteresting from start to finish
College owners want to enroll students who are more have a goal and a purpose in their lives and they do not want anything that doesn’t relate to that. When you write your personal statement you are going to have to grab their attention so that it remains like that till when they reach the last word. Tell them about your past academic achievements, participations and honors. You can even add a piece of professional experience from a part time job, if any.

4. Plagiarism
Nothing smells more than a rotten egg of a student who tries to steal another student’s personal statement. A more professional term to describe this underhanded and unethical tactic is plagiarism. Be warned, if you ever resort to plagiarizing your personal statement the chances of you being caught red handed are very good. This is because the new software security that most computers use nowadays can find out quite easily that what you have written belongs to someone else. That is a no-brainer disqualification and that means that you cannot opt for plagiarism no matter what.

5. Exaggerating
There is a specific term known as stretching the truth, which in hindsight is simply called lying. If you ever think about exaggerating the details that you give in your personal statement, then you are just digging your own grave. No sane institution would ever want to enlist anyone who is conniving, dishonest, dastardly and a complete fool to themselves. Be as clean as you should be and never hold back on anything that of great value and significance.

6. Irrelevance
Having no knowledge about the kind of university or college that you are trying to get yourself in could be quite devastating to you and the institution itself. If you are writing a personal statement for a university that does not at all welcome the attributes and qualities that you possess you will end up humiliating yourself in front of that particular university. Be sure to do ample amounts of research about the college that you want to apply to and that that college mainly welcomes the skills and talents of one such as yourself. Prompt student learning.