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Win a Scholarship With a Winning Essay

For multiple reasons, scholarship essays play an important role in lives of the students. A student, who does not consider himself a good writer, may find it challenging to write a winning scholarship essay. Following is a list of useful tips every student should consider before writing this important essay of his life.

Plan In advance
Do not leave your essay for the last moment. It is best to give yourself enough time to think, create, recreate and proofread the essay before submission. The more time you give to your content, the more impressive you can make it appear to the readers. Figure out all relevant aspects of the topic before you start writing the essay. Also, make an outline to cover each and every aspect in your content.

Read Directions
The first and most important thing to begin your scholarship essay with is the question along with directions. Very carefully, read the entire question and understand the underlying point.
Share your experiences

Read the question carefully, and try to relate it with some experience from your life. It will make your essay personalized and interesting. It will also make a great impression on the readers. Remember that you need to make an impression by being yourself only. Do not use unbelievable experiences to make your application considerable.

Impressive Beginning
The starting paragraph of any essay plays a very important role in grabbing the attention of the reader. So, do not start writing without thinking. Select your words wisely in the beginning paragraph to impress your readers. In your first sentence, do not use words such as ‘the topic of this essay’ or ‘in this essay’.

Convince Your Readers
The basic aim of writing a scholarship essay is to convince the committee for granting you a scholarship for educational purpose. Provide your essay readers with sufficient reasons to consider your scholarship application. Do not plead. Instead, show that you are a deserving candidate and qualify for the scholarship.

Goals and Achievements
Very wisely, insert your goals and previous achievements in the content of your essay in order to persuade the committee to consider your application. Show your ambition through your words in such a way that it becomes difficult for the reader to ignore your application.

Avoid making grammatical and spelling mistakes. Essays with spelling mistakes may make you lose the chance of getting a scholarship. Everybody makes spelling mistakes while writing in a rush. However, ignoring such mistakes is the biggest mistake a student can make. Sometimes, computers may not detect small spelling mistakes or incorrect usage of words. So, do not rely too much on the auto-spell check of your computer. In order to avoid spelling mistakes, simply keep a dictionary with yourself while writing an essay.

It is best to proofread your scholarship essay at least once before submission. You may not realize wrong sentences, irrelevant details and spelling mistakes while writing an essay. Once you are done writing, read it once to check the flow of essay and remove irrelevant sentences. Sometimes, you cannot detect small mistakes in the essay yourself. So, you should ask your parents, friends or even a teacher to proofread your work before you submit it.