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How to Write the Best Possible Personal Statement for College

A high-quality personal statement is something that every student needs to get into the college of their choice. It is vital that you keep in mind how many other applications university staff will be reading, as this should remind you to focus on your best attributes and show why you are different to everyone else. Read the following guide to get the insider tips and tricks on how to succeed.

Always stay true to yourself
Applications staff want to find out more about you and how you would fit in at their university, so don’t try to be someone else when you are thinking about which information to include. Avoid inventing hobbies or passions – and qualifications, of course! – as this will only end in tears when you are found out later on in your course. Speak about what you know and explain what it is that makes you tick; your enthusiasm will shine through and make you look much more interesting as an applicant. This is your opportunity to talk about weekly classes or interests that you have, even if it is an activity that you have only recently started participating in. You can also talk about any rewards that you might have received through being successful at this activity.

Show that you are different from other applicants
Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the average student to stand out when they are up against so many other applicants, especially if you are trying to win a place at a popular college. However, this is not impossible. Think about the unusual things you have experienced or tried out, because this will give the applications staff a good idea of the type of person you are. Even if you have studied a short course or trained for a particular event, this will be a great indicator of your willingness to give something new a go.

Go beyond your qualifications
Qualifications are obviously extremely important when it comes to obtaining a place at your preferred university, but they are by no means the only factor you should mention in your personal statement. If you have received good test scores and positive feedback for previous assignments, you can talk about how hard you have worked to achieve them, but it isn’t the end of the world if this isn’t the situation you find yourself in. This part of the application can actually be a very good place to give reasons as to why you didn’t obtain the grades you wanted, as the applications officer will then be able to take that information into account.

Tell an engaging story
Regardless of whether you are a budding author or not, you may want to tell a story in your application. This will make you much more memorable to the person reading the document and therefore make it harder for them to turn you down as a potential student at their university. The story doesn’t have to be about a life-changing or near-death experience, but it should be about something that reflects you as a person and shows off your personality. The only thing to think about is to make sure that the story you are telling is suitable as part of a university application!

An alternative way
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