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Quick Tips on How You Can Overcome Terrible Monday Blues

After a nice, fun and exciting long weekend, away from all studies, quizzes and exams, having fun at Gym and thrill of movie nights, waking up early on Monday is one of the most annoying things a student always experience. From school level till graduation year, Monday blues are always making our Monday miserable.

First of all, let’s analyze the problem.
• The main issue which most students face on Monday is nothing but to wake up early in the morning and this is indeed because of all late night sleeping and all the thrills of weekend.
• Secondly, the intimidating thought of submitting a due assignment is another important problem faced on Monday Mornings. The reason behind this problem is again un-organized and irresponsible behavior.

Reasons behind these problems:
The reasons behind all such mess up are nothing but the attitude of delaying things.
So the first tip to turn your Monday blues into a smooth breeze is;

Organized attitude:
You need to check all the week’s work that you made due at the weekend. Make a regular planner or to do list chart and update it on regular basis.

Time Table:
Secondly, although we understand weekend requires party and all chilling but still try to sleep as early as possible. The more you give importance to your timetable on weekends, the more you can increase the productivity of yours’ on week days. Try to excuse yourself from a movie night and refrain yourself from playing Flappy birds for too late on your Iphone. Although it is a weekend, remember there is a Monday coming your way as well.

Balanced Diet:
Since, week days are hell tiring and make people exhausted, try do buy some nutritious food on weekends and stock it for the whole week.

Spread the work for the whole week:
Remember, delaying all work on Sunday’s will make you exhausted. Therefore, try to spread the work for the whole week.
Monday blues are nothing but our fragment of our imagination.

Monday’s can actually become very exciting and fun if we spread our tasks accordingly. We can never deny the fact that Monday’s are the ones which make us busy and try to polish our skills and expertise.

So follow these tips, sleep early and wake up early, make a regular to do list and update it regularly, take less junk food and try to complete every task on time.
These tips are not stopping you from partying or having fun, but these tips will help you organize things in a better fashion and make your Monday fun. Personal statement is the most important writing task of your life.