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Professional Tips on Reinforcing Your College Personal Statement

Personal statement is the most important writing task of your life. It explains your qualities, your past achievements, background, cultural origins, religious dimensions, country and your future ambitions and goals. It is one of the most important drivers which can open the door to leading colleges or universities for you. A clear reflection of your achievements, personal statement provides a clear vision of your coming future. It is undoubtedly a translation of your features that would be beneficial for you and the college as well.

Students think writing personal statements is one of the toughest writing tasks but actually it is not very difficult. Some of the tips regarding writing efficient personal statement are mentioned below.

1. Tell them the special thing that differentiates you from others:
Remember the word “Unique selling point” if you are a marketing student. Generally, you need to explain the existence and importance of your knowledge, skills and expertise to other person so that he may know what you can bring to their University and how much the decision of your selection can payoff. Make sure you ask an expert in your subject.

2. List down the goals you’ve achieved in the past and what circumstances you faced during achieving it:
Again, this time present something unique, something different that can just force the reader to admit that you are the perfect person for the job. Every person has certain achievements, the thing required is to showcase them in a better way. Even if you have done baking some delicious cuisine in 5 minutes, this is an achievement as it links your cooking skills and thus present you as a potential applicant for the food and science department.

3. Tell them how you started taking interest in the field that you are currently applying for:
You should know very well in which field you are applying, why and what makes you to take this decision. Remember, Jack of all trades, masters in none will never impress anyone. Even if you like only one subject, this is not a bad thing, you should be able to convince the reader that you are passionate about it and you do exceptionally well in this as compared to others.
Secondly, you must explain fully how you started taking interest in specific field. Personal Statement is a classic example of persuasive writing, the more you take convincing tone, and the better it is for you. Building a story format will increase chances of interest of the reader as it paints a perfect picture in the mind of the reader. Therefore, add some spice of story format in your statement and focus on all implicit things such as tone, background, trigger words that evoke emotions and feelings.

4. Translate features into Benefits:
Translate all your skills into benefits for the College. The more you engage your audience, the better your chances are to get admission in that College. This is the most crucial aspect because students having immense talent just fail because they are unable to show their talent to the world. No one will come to see your talent, you have to make it stand out.

5. Proofread:
Lastly, this is the time to proofread your statement. As you have included all 5 W’s and 1 H i.e. What, Who, where, which, when and how. This is the time to check whether all your sentences make sense and whether they are in correct order. EssayPalace.