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Literature Essay Writing Guide


Literature Essay Writing is all about explaining the clear idea on any classic novel or story. It gives a critical review of the plot of the story, characters, and the central idea.

For Instance, In the Shakespearean Literature, the plot and scenes are very impactful and leave an influence on readers. It keeps a continuous curiosity till the end.

Also take for instance Julius Caesar, which depicts all the triumphs and victories of the great roman ruler. As the reader goes on reading the novel, he gets more engaged in every scene of the story. The plot comprises of five scenes which gives an entire explanation of the character of the King Julius. The tragic assassination of Caesar provides a true feel of patriotism to his homeland.


The beginning part of the literary essay gives a concise overview of the story, characters, and the plot. It describes the classic literary style to the readers. The plot involves many scenes that connect a reader to the twists and turns of the story.

The Shakespearean novels provide a visual representation of all the events of the ancient times. For Instance, the war scenes in Julius Caesar with blood massacre of people. However, it also gives a central theme of the novel about companionship and tribute.

Another classic example is about the novel “Romeo and Juliet” that illustrates true affection and sacrifice. The central theme of this well known novel revolves around love, wealth, hostility and vice sinful intentions.


This part explains the core critical analysis of the whole plot with points of discussion on the literary topic. As in the above Novel “Julius Caesar” the writer can give his perspective on the assassination of the king as why he was brutally massacred??

He used to love his kingdom very much. Julius was a kind man with a friendly attitude with his fellow countrymen. He extended his reach to long miles and conquered many other countries. He made efforts in making life of his people comfortable. In his tenure Rome was flourishing with success and fame.


It is the ending part of the literature essay writing where writer provides his final thoughts or views on the novel. He discusses the weak points as well as highlights the positive aspects of the plot.

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