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Informal Essay Guide


This is a kind of writing which requires an informal technique of describing a topic without following any formal, hard-and-fast rules. An informal writing provides complete idea of the subject in a simple and enjoyable manner. It keeps a casual tone in order to engage the readers and, at the same time, it also conveys them proper message regarding the topic.

An Informal Essay comprises of Introduction, body and conclusion.


In the introductory paragraph a brief summary is provided about the essay topic and the writer gives an outline theme to readers. For Instance,” The journey to Scotland by Train” is the chosen essay subject and the writer has to tell all the events happening at each and every station. It also provides an awesome opportunity to tell about different kinds of passengers.

The roaring of the engine and screeching sound of the train wakes a person up from siesta. Moreover, the passing by sights of Scotland are really appealing offering the readers an unforgettable journey experience.


In the main body section, we will discuss the main action and purpose of the essay to deliver readers ample information as well as create reading interest in them. It is better to provide the complete visual scenario of the subject in order to keep the readers engaged in the content.

Here, it is also essential to describe another good example of an informal essay “The beautiful Village Life”. The subject contains the simplicity of rural living style and provides a clear rustic atmosphere to readers.

“The village life is so peaceful, enchanting, and calm with the scenic beauty of green fields, grazing goats, and hospitable people.

The life starts early in the morning to feel the refreshing atmosphere. People get up so early to work in the fields where both men and women work shoulder by shoulder in the green grazing land. The food is also delightful and memorable.

The rising of the sun brings together all rainbow colors with it which looks so wonderful in the morning. The melodious chirping of birds keeps a city dweller fascinated and captivated.

It is away from the hustle and bustle of fast moving city life where time leaps forward in the wink of an eye.”


In this section, the writer gives overall summary of the essay discussing its good points to the readers and entertaining them in a lighter and purposeful manner.

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