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How to write an Admission Essay

Pump Up Success Chances Of Your College Admission Essay With These 6 Useful Tips!

Admission essay is an important part of a college application process. An admission essay is required by selection committee to evaluate candidacy of a candidate who wants to take admission in a college. An inspiring admission essay can be a difference between success and failure of your college admission.

A good admission essay has to reflect your true personality to selection panel. The chances of approval are higher if your essay can successfully showcase your strengths and off set your flaws with those strong points. To write a successful admission essay, you need to look at these 6 expert tips!

1. A Complimentary Topic
As with any other essay, topic selection is a crucial aspect of an admission essay. Your topic has to compliment the course you will pursue in the college. For example, if you are looking for a degree in fine arts, you should choose a topic that can bring out your creative side to the readers.

2. Craft A Story
An admission essay can best written if it is articulated like a story. Start your story from childhood days and link it to your present. Discuss the life-changing experiences and how they helped you to evolve as a person. Shed light on the implications of those experiences on your life.

3. Capture Attention With a Hook
Use a hook in your essay to grab attention of readers so that they feel compelled to read your essay till the end. It could be a weird habit, a meaningful relation or anything that define the person you are today. Link that thing to the program you intend to take on so that a connection can be established.

4. Write In Active Voice
Avoid writing your essay in passive voice and use active voice instead. Active voice makes your writing more direct and straightforward. Instead of writing, “The award was received by me”, write “I received the award.” You will sound more confident with active voice and the reader will feel convinced and impressed.

5. Showcase Your Achievements
An admission essay provides you with the freedom to highlight your accomplishments. Mention any distinct milestone that you can take the credit for. Similarly, you can discuss any past hurdles that you successfully overcame. Review committee loves winners and an admission essay gives you a chance to reveal that side. So make the most of this opportunity!

6. Edit To Perfection
You cannot convince review committee with an essay that is filled with errors. Edit your final draft to perfection no matter how much time it takes. Be sure that your writing is consistent from start to finish and make sure that all grammatical and spelling rules are fulfilled. Ensure that all assignment guidelines are complied before submitting it.

Given Below Is A List Of Prompts To Write an Admission Essay:

  • Discuss an Event That Changed Your Perception towards Life
  • Describe Any Childhood Trait That Helped You to Master A Skill
  • Recount an Event When You Surmounted a Challenge
  • Narrate a Story about Your Life and Define Events That Made You the Person You Are
  • Define Your Source of Inspiration and Explain the Motivator behind That Source
  • Who Is Your Idol? Why Do You Think He Deserves That Stature?
  • What Is Your Passion? How Do You Define It?
  • Are You A Savior? Share a Story When You Helped Someone Come Out From an Ordeal
  • Do You Inspire People? What Made People Think That Way about You?
  • What Is Your Biggest Strength And How It Has Shaped Your Life So Far?