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Guide to Research Essay Writing


Research has a derived meaning of “Accumulating valid and realistic information and the best of knowledge for something”. By this terminology the research essay means “To write something after collecting complete and authentic facts about the topic”. From this context, writing a research essay has three core elements:

► Wisely Selecting a desired topic

► Utmost exploration on the subject

Let us learn more about these points in detail.

► Wisely Selecting a desired topic
It is essential for a student to wisely and carefully choose and analyze the topic on which he or she can easily find out relevant, abundant and authenticated information. In the university, most of the mentors leave it to the students to select any appropriate subject on which they are able to provide sufficient and valuable information to the readers.

It is good to take time in deciding the topic rather than doing it in a haste which can leave an embarrassment for students as a result of rejection or failure in submitting an unimpressive topic.

Topic selection is the first and foremost procedure in the research essay and so it must be carried out with utter care and consideration.

► Utmost Exploration on the subject
The topic of an essay must be thoroughly explored with detailed and extensive information in order to provide a well researched essay. There are various ways of doing research on the topic for collecting significant knowledge such as Newspapers, Library, and internet.

On the internet we can easily find the whole bunch of information and extreme guidance on the topic. It is the most reliable and valuable source of providing accurate and updated data on the given theme.

The Research Essay also has basic three parts:

► Introduction
The basic introduction of the research essay provides the starting summary of the topic. It describes the beginning paragraph of the research paper and gives brief knowledge on the subject.

► Body
The body section tells the main purpose of the subject and provides extensive and thorough knowledge to the readers on the topic. It shares the core points and reasons for the topic. The research should be based on factual analysis in order to instigate readers’ interest and attention.

► Conclusion
The ending paragraph simply provides a summarized analysis of the topic and gives concise conclusion of the whole essay.

Research Essay Sample Topics

  • How birth control law in china affects the whole society??
  • What is non-Plagiarism and why it is essential for content??
  • How does online retailing affect the economy??
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing??
  • What are the core reasons of unemployment and inflation in any country??
  • What is E-business and what are its benefits??
  • What are the consequences of Drunk Driving??
  • How can poverty be cured??
  • What is a green house effect and how it protects from Global Warming??
  • What are the best effective measures for stopping domestic abuse in the society??