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Field Trips: Educational Value, Benefits and Disadvantages

Field trips are not anything new in the world of education. Students and teachers have always been excited to get out of the classroom and directly explore different concepts of nature, history, art, science, and more. Unfortunately, with all the technology that’s taking place in today’s educational system, teachers pay less attention to field trips as one of the most effective methods for teaching. Museums report a considerable decline in school tours, mainly because these trips are considered to be an unnecessary expense. Although virtual museum tours are a cool way for a teacher to make certain lectures more fun, they cannot replace the real experience.

Benefits of Field Trips

● Through a field trip, students can easily focus and memorize factual information. For example, if the teacher takes the students to a museum, they will truly experience art and associate it with real emotions.
● Classes in nature expose students to different processes that are difficult to understand through textbooks. When the student associates the things he’s been reading about with an actual experience, he becomes curious to explore and learn more.
● Different disciplines can benefit from field trips, including history, science, art, mathematics, social studies, and more. Through an effective learning experience in a properly-chosen setting, all pieces of information work together for a coherent base of knowledge.
● Field trips are a great opportunity for students to take a break from the usual classroom setting, while being inspired to learn more. When they spend the day in a different learning environment, they show genuine interest for the subject of matter.
● Through field trips, young students are introduced to a great variety of professions, so they are inspired to try new things, discover their passion and pursue specific dreams.
● When students are able to see real-life application of the concepts they learn at school, they start to appreciate the relevance and importance of each lesson.
● Field trips are great for team building. They bring a greater group of students together, so they can create a more meaningful bond.
● Young students who are happy with the outdoor experience will take the excitement into their homes; so many parents will be encouraged to organize weekend trips on their own.

Disadvantages of Field Trips

● It takes a lot of time for teachers to plan field trips, so many of them perceive this activity as an additional task that doesn’t bring extra payments.
● Schools are already under great financial pressure, so it’s difficult for the administration to balance the scarce resources and organize effective field trips.
● It can be challenging for the teacher to control the group of students in new surroundings. Children become excited to spend time out of the classroom, so some of them are tempted to misbehave or wander away from the group.
● Shy kids can be anxious when placed out of the setting they are used to. It’s difficult for them to blend into the group and take active participation during the field trip.

The Undeniable Educational Value of Field Trips Although there are some disadvantages to field trips, they are few when compared to the benefits and great educational value of this teaching method. With proper management and detailed planning, the field trip can be turned into a memorable experience for both students and teachers.

Properly-executed field trips result with a great improvement in the students’ critical thinking skills, tolerance, historical empathy, and artistic inclinations. When children are taken to intriguing places they haven’t seen before, they are able to discover new interests and approach their studies from a more practical angle. That’s what learning is all about! Write My Essay for Me.