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Exploratory Essay Writing

What Every Student Should Know About Writing An Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay is a form of essay writing that views a subject from perspective of an individual. It is a kind of essay composition where a person gives his introspection about a topic. The essay focuses on an idea and translates that idea through his personal feelings. It could be an issue or an argument that has various aspects.

Writing an exploratory essay can be different from other types of essay in that you do not have to prove a point in the end. Unlike others essays, the writer concentrates on an idea and see different perspectives of a subject through that idea. Majority of the times, the writer would define a baffling concept or an enigmatic issue that needs further explanation. In this article, we will see some tips that will help you express your views for an exploratory essay. Here they are:

Introduction: The introductory paragraph introduces your topic and provides its brief description. State the reasons behind your research of a topic along with the significance it holds for the audience. If the topic happens to be an issue, describe its underlying causes and possible solutions. Make transition to the body part with an important point.

Body: Next, you will proceed your discussion from where you have left in the introduction. Develop the points of your topic that you mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Share your own experience of the topic in body paragraphs.

For example, if you are writing a paper on ‘beauty’, you can give your own interpretation of what is ‘beauty’ and what qualifies someone as ‘beautiful’.

“Beauty is a relative thing. There is no single definition of beauty. What attracts to my eyes might not look beautiful to others. Different people in history defined beauty in different contexts. Leonardo Da Vinci depicted mysterious smile of ‘Mona Lisa’. There are many people today who find that smile is a real beauty while some thinks otherwise. Let me quote a saying of Plato who said “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.” I think this statement best defines beauty and beautiful in one sentence.”

Conclusion: In the last paragraph, you will give your last words on the topic. It does not have to be a strong conclusion or argument but rather an expression of your reflections on the topic.

For example: “Finally, I would define ‘beauty’ as abstract and subjective. I would agree with Plato’s interpretation of the subject. It is how you perceive something that makes it beautiful or ugly. To me, beauty is everywhere; it is just that we need to explore it in an object.”

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