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Definition Essay Writing


Definition Essay is generally written to describe or elaborate something in detail. It can be any term or topic which could be explained further in depth to others. The term definition means “To define something in one or more words to tell the correct meaning to others.” There are different terminologies which need larger explanation to define them well.

There are several words which have multiple definitions such as the word wedding, liberty, patience, etc. These singular words can be further explained as “A religious ceremonial event for a bride and a groom”, “An independent state of living or doing anything with no compulsion.” Likewise patience can also be elaborated as “Deep endurance and tolerance to bear anything.”

Definition deciphers much easy and accurate meaning of a particular subject. Hence, the definition essay is all about a wider, meaningful explanation of the specific theme or topic.

How to write:
– Introduction
– Body
– Conclusion

– Introduction:
In the Introductory theme of the definition essay, the writer has to illustrate the term to the readers and audience with clear explanation.

For Instance, while describing about the term “wedding” the writer has to give brief introduction about this word. As this is the mutual bond between two persons and their life gets changed entirely.

The introduction is the core part of any given topic and it takes a reader downwards to the last paragraph till the essay is ended. It must be interesting and attention grabbing for the reader to go through the whole topic down the last line.

– Body
The body is the central part which has also its utmost value in essay writing. It tells about the main working in the definition. The body section tells the readers about the core activity that is being carried out in this part.

For example, the definition of Liberty just not is limited to its standard meaning rather than it describes the main purpose of liberty. Why people like liberty in their life and hate being like a slave of others and live the way they like.

– Conclusion
It refers to the ending or concluding part of the whole essay and gives thorough analysis of the topic whether it has caught audience interest and provided them with relevant information along with in-depth or comprehensive explanation.

Definition Essay Sample Topics

  • Beauty
  • Faithfulness
  • Eradicating Poverty
  • Health is wealth
  • Greed is a curse
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Good Friendship stays forever
  • Obedience
  • Kindness
  • Virtue