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Deductive Essay Help

Writing a Deductive Essay!

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Deductive Essay!
Deductive essay is a type of essay that reaches a conclusion stemmed from certain logic. The essay is based on concept of deduction which focuses on a broad premise and narrows it down until a conclusion is achieved. The idea of deductive essay is applied in mathematical proofs to solve complex equations. The three core elements of a deductive essay are as follows:

Premise: A premise is the main idea that an entire essay will be built on. It serves as a core philosophy behind your thesis. Premise is a logical fact that initiates the process of reasoning which further develops into arguments and finally a conclusion is deducted. Thus, it is a guiding factor for a deductive essay.

For Example: Pop music is a form of music. Michael Jackson is a pop singer. Therefore, Michael Jackson is a musician.

The above statement shows a logical association of Michael Jackson with music. This is a premise that yet to be proved with reasons. The premise is introduced in the introduction and explained in body part, while it is proved in the conclusion.

Evidence: The evidence expands on basic facts stated in introductory paragraph. Your statement will be reasoned in body paragraph where you will elaborate on reasons that make your premise stand true in all cases. For the above mentioned example, you can cite concrete reasons that make Michael Jackson the musician. You will discuss here all attributes that associate Michaels Jackson with Music.

Conclusion: Finally, you will show a clear connection that proves your premise. At this point, you will describe the clear logic that makes your premise valid in every way. A conclusion for the above case will establish that pop music is form of music and therefore Michael Jackson is a musician.

Purpose of a Deductive Essay: A deductive Essay is assigned to students to evaluate their reasoning skills. It enhances apprehension and critical thinking skills in students and develops their abilities to reason things before reaching to any conclusion.

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