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Classification Essay Writing Tips

Organizing a Classification Essay: 4 Most Common Structures!

A classification essay, as its name suggests, is a type of essay that groups things into categories, classes or types. The aim of a classification essay is to explain items into different paragraphs. A classification essay is assigned to students to discuss different types of a process, theory or practice.

As classification essay presents information in organized form, so you need to break the matter into different categories. There are certain methods you can use to sort out information in a classification essay: Here is how:

1. Chronological Order: This type of classification is suitable when you are discussing a historical event. Use this format to trace back an event in hindsight.
For example, if your topic centers on ‘Major Events of World War II’, you can discuss those events in order of dates they occur, i.e. from the oldest to the most recent.

2. Emphatic Order: Emphatic order is best when you want to build momentum of your discussion before unveiling the most important part and reaching to a conclusion. This format is applicable for position papers when you want to convince readers about a topic.
For example, if you are writing a paper on ‘Why Deforestation Is Destructive to Planet Earth?’ you can organize your arguments in terms of their importance. Here you will mention your less strong arguments first, such as ‘higher chances of floods’ and ‘climate change activities’ and then reveal the strongest argument that will link the issue with phenomenon of Global Warming.

3. Logical Order: The logical order is implemented when you need to define things in proper series. This organizational format is used when you have to introduce items in sequence they happen in a process.
For example, if you are defining ‘process of water cycle’ in your paper, you will arrange phenomenon in your essay in terms of their occurrence in the process, i.e. ‘Precipitation’, ‘Interception’, ‘Infiltration’ and ‘evaporation’ etc.

4. Category-Wise Order: This type of classification is required when you explain items in categories so that they can be easily identified.
For example, if you want to write a paper on different types of computers, you can divide your paragraphs in different categories, such as ‘micro computers’, ‘minicomputers’, ‘mainframe computers’ and ‘supercomputers’.

Here Is A List Of Sample Topics For Writing A Classification Essay:

  • Identify the Four Famous Scientists of 20th Century
  • Classify the Different Genres of Literature
  • Evaluate Top Five Multinational Companies In Terms Of Their Brand Value
  • Trace Back Major Breakthroughs in Telecommunication
  • Rate the Top Five Consumer Products According To Their Sales
  • Evaluate Top Five Richest Persons in the World
  • Differentiate the Various Forms of Government
  • Categorize the Similarities and Differences between Europe and America
  • Define the Process of Opening a Bank Account in Steps
  • Classify the Different Political Systems in the World