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6 qualities of a brilliant school teacher

Aside from teaching, teachers are like a second parent that act outside of our primary parental group to all the students of the world. The basic and most obvious role of a teacher is to first of all teach the young and growing generation of our society so they can assume the responsibilities of an adult. As adults they will be more confident, focused and driven to pursue their desired career paths and excel with flying colors. It is for this reason that we have brilliantly prepared the list given below about what it means to be a good teacher write my essay for me:

1. Experienced
The first distinctive quality that a school teacher must possess is the capability and willingness to teach the subject that they have been assigned with. They must know the ins and outs of that subject as if it were part of their everyday lives.

Possessing degrees in those subjects is a requirement by some schools but not so much as it is with the passion and desire to teach. If you are just as good in understanding the subject of interest as you are in writing and explaining it to the students, then you are an exceptional teacher indeed.

2. Having patience
This is a fundamental quality that all teachers must possess if they are to teach an entire classroom of students who misbehave. No matter how violently students resort to disreputable behavior, you as a teacher must look past their shenanigans and help them reach a compromise by making peace with them.

3. Being kind and friendly
Students may behave irrationally but that does not mean that teachers do as well, especially when they try and stop students from making a mess of the classroom. You are entitled to impose your authority and bring order back in class in times of disarray and chaos. However, you must maintain a friendly and joyful attitude towards the children in return.

Reacting to them in a loud and ear crumbling sound will put them in a state of shock and fear, hence demotivating them in pursuing their studies properly in class. Students especially those of middle-class respond well to a positive and upbeat attitude and will also open themselves more to you.

4. Be encouraging
Whenever a student feels emotionally or physically distressed, hurt or injured, a teacher must console them and encourage them to look on the bright side of things. Students may experience the worst of their school moments, especially in their tests, sporting activities, or the loss of their personal possessions. The teachers must help them look past these things and motivate them to work harder in their studies, be more cautious when playing any sport and be more alert of the items that they bring to school. Empathizing will produce a positive and warm sensation in their hearts and will soon have them thriving in their revised attempts.

5. Positively assertive
Students will from time to time attempt to resort to fighting their classmates over something, break school property and make noise in class. You as a class teacher must try to bring back peace in the class, not by shouting or physically punishing your students abruptly but be more loving and compassionate in your approach.

This way, students will not be emotionally discouraged or demotivated in class and will refrain themselves of those antics the next time. Great personal statement essay.

6. Helping students prepare
Students often get distraught and are plagued with anxiety when having to complete an assignment or a project that is beyond their scope of completion. Therefore, a good teacher must be more precise and give specific terms and conditions to help the students better in working out their assignments and projects.